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Painting and Decorating

Internal and External Painting, The main differences between interior and exterior paints are resins and additives. The binding resins for interior paints are rigid. They allow interior paint to be cleaned easily and are stain resistant. ... To withstand extreme weather conditions, exterior paints are designed to endure.


Plastering is the process of covering rough walls and uneven surfaces in the construction of houses and other structures with a plastic material, called plaster, which is a mixture of lime or cement concrete and sand along with the required quantity of water.

Plasterboarding & Drylining

Dry lining (sometimes referred to as drywalling) is a system for cladding the internal faces of buildings, such as walls and ceilings. Plasterboard is attached to the internal faces, creating a smooth surface that finishes such as paint can be applied to directly, a 'wet' plaster finish is not required

Partition Walls

By definition, a partition wall is a non-load-bearing interior wall that is designed to support only the materials of the wall itself; it does not support the ceiling or floor above. A partition wall typically connects to the floor below and to the ceiling joists or floor joists that make up the ceiling above

Undercoating & Skimming

They are both used to decorate structures and increase the durability of a wall, but skimming is done to update an old building whereas plastering is done to a new one. Another difference between skim and plaster is that plaster surface areas are constantly rough whereas a skimmed surface area is smooth.

Covering of artex ceilings

Artex is often considered outdated and removing it can be difficult and dangerous if you've never done it before and are not using a safe and non-toxic remover like X-Tex. You can plaster over the textured wall or ceiling covering however this is much like sticking a plaster over something that may rear its head again.


What is coving? Coving is a decorative join between the wall and the ceiling of a room, and is a great way of creating an attractive finishing touch to any room. Coving comes in a large variety of styles to suit both traditional or more contemporary décor.

Property maintenance and repair

Maintenance includes the cleaning, maintenance, repair, replacement and keeping in good repair of the exterior/internal surfaces of the building, windows and doors, and exterior lighting fixtures.


Cleaning and repairing

Clogs are one of the most common causes of leaky gutters. Unless you regularly clean them out, your gutters can quickly fill up with leaf litter and debris. ... However, if it's your downspout that's clogged, you'll usually need to completely disconnect it from the gutter and the house in order to properly clean it out.


What's the Best Fencing Material for Your Backyard Fence? Cedar Fencing is Both Appealing and Durable. ... All Timber styled wood, contact us today and speak to our team for the best options.


Jet wash also referred to as power washers or pressure washers, is a technical washing method of using a powerful pressured jet of water to wipe off dirt effectively instead of using a brush and garden hose with less water pressure.

Grass Cutting and Strimming

Strim or edge first then mow. Mowing then tidies it all and creates a neat edge

What is grass Strimming? Image result for Grass Cutting and Strimming Also known as grass trimmers, weed-whackers, line trimmers and string trimmers, these versatile tools are perfect for creating beautifully uniformed boarder edges, trimming around difficult terrain such as trees and garden ornaments, as well as clearing larger patches of unruly rough vegetation.

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